Election Holidays 2024 in all Educational Institutes of Punjab

Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi tweet about the Election Holidays 2024. Punjab Cabinet approved holidays from 6th February 2024 to 9th February 2024. 5th February is Kashmir Holiday and 4th February is Sunday. So there will be 6 holidays in all educational institutes of Punjab.

In these educational holidays all public and private schools, colleges and universities are included. CM has clearly mentioned about this in his tweet.

He also clarifies about the school timings in Punjab. The starting time of 930 AM will be followed till 3rd February 2024. From 10th February 2024 the opening time of schools will be 830 AM.

His official tweet is “In view of the upcoming general elections on 8th February, Provincial Cabinet has approved that all public and private sector schools, colleges, and universities in Punjab will be closed from Feb 6th to Feb 9th. 9:30 am timing for schools will only be observed till 3rd February. Regular school timings will be observed later on.”

Election Holidays Punjab 2024