Maryam Nawaz Personal Assistant PA Contact Number

Maryam Nawaz is CM Punjab since 26th February 2024. She is working hard to bring major changes in Punjab. She is very close to public due to his social appearance and usage of digital media.

All citizens of Punjab are lucky to have such young and educated CM for the first time. Before this only typical politicians were CM of Punjab. Maryam Nawaz is making close relation with her citizens.

If you want to contact your CM then you have to contact her Personal Assistant also known as PA. The contact number of PA to CM Punjab is given on official website of Punjab Govt.

But finding the contact number of PA on Official website is difficult due to the unfriendly User interface of their website. Due to this issue Ezra Blog provides Contact Number of PA to Maryam Nawaz on single page.

Maryam Nawaz Personal Assistant PA Contact Number

If you want to contact the PA of CM Maryam Nawaz for any kind of complain or feedback. 0800-02345 is the Toll Free Number of PA to CM Punjab. You can dial this number from any landline or Mobile Phone.

Role of PA to CM Punjab in Pakistan

The role of a Personal Assistant (PA) to the Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab Maryam Nawaz, Pakistan, involves a wide range of responsibilities aimed at facilitating the CM’s daily tasks, ensuring smooth communication within the office, and managing the CM’s interactions with the public, government officials, and other stakeholders. The Personal Assistant plays a critical role in the efficient management of the CM’s schedule, including planning, coordination, and communication-related tasks. Here’s a detailed look at these responsibilities and the communication dynamics between the PA and the CM.

  • Scheduling and Time Management
  • Communication Management
  • Document Handling and Preparation
  • Liaison Role
  • Confidentiality and Trust

Communication between PA and CM Punjab

  • Direct and Constant Communication
  • Use of Technology
  • Feedback and Briefings
  • Emergency Communication Protocols

Public Communication Coordination: For public communications, the PA works closely with the CM’s media and public relations team to prepare speeches, press releases, and social media posts, ensuring that the CM’s message is accurately and effectively conveyed to the public.

You can also Contact Maryam Nawaz Whatsapp or other Official Telephone Numbers.

Maryam Nawaz PA Number

Duties of PA to CM Punjab

Administrative Support: The PA is responsible for managing the CM’s daily schedule, including arranging meetings, appointments, and travel. They ensure that the CM’s calendar is organized and that time is allocated effectively for different responsibilities.

Communication Management: Handling communications on behalf of the CM is another critical task. This includes managing phone calls, emails, and other correspondence. The PA ensures that all communications are directed to the appropriate departments or individuals and that responses are timely and efficient.

Document Handling and Preparation: The PA assists in preparing speeches, briefings, and presentations for the CM. They also manage important documents, ensuring they are secure, properly filed, and easily accessible.

Liaison Role: Acting as a liaison between the CM and other government officials, as well as the public, is a significant part of the PA’s role. They help facilitate communication and coordination, ensuring that the CM’s directives and decisions are communicated accurately and promptly.

Event Coordination: Organizing official events, public appearances, and meetings falls under the PA’s responsibilities. They coordinate logistics, manage guest lists, and ensure that all arrangements meet the required standards.

Issue Tracking: The PA monitors ongoing projects and issues within the CM’s purview, keeping the CM informed about progress and any potential problems. They may also be involved in initial problem-solving efforts.

Confidentiality and Discretion: Due to their access to sensitive information, a PA must maintain a high level of confidentiality and discretion. Trustworthiness is paramount in this role, as they often handle sensitive or classified information.

Advisory Role: While not officially part of the decision-making process, the PA often provides input based on their understanding of the issues and the CM’s preferences. Their insights can help in formulating strategies or adjusting plans.