Maryam Nawaz Office Official Telephone Number

Maryam Nawaz is the newly elected CM Punjab. She is Chief Minister of Punjab since 26th February 2024. Every citizen of Punjab has right to know the contact details of CM Punjab.

Although people are searching about Maryam Nawaz Whatsapp Number. But obviously she can not communicate with public through her personal whatsapp number.

But anyone can contact Maryam Nawaz through her Official Telephone Number. Now the question is that how to get her official contact number. We did research on this question and found the following solution.

Maryam Nawaz Office Official Telephone Number

Designation                                                                                           Telephone No.
OfficeFax Residence
Maryam NawazCM0172-2740325/2740769/2743463  

If we follow this table then 0172-2740325/2740769/2743463 is the official telephone number of Maryam Nawaz. 0172-2740325 is the First Number of Maryam Nawaz as CM. 0172-2740769 is the second office number and 0172-2743463 is the third office number.

Before Maryam Nawaz, Mohsin Naqvi was the CM of Punjab. The same numbers were in the use of Mohsin Naqvi and now these numbers are under Maryam Nawaz. Any person can contact her through these numbers. There is no Fax number and residence number of Maryam Nawaz.

This information is available on Government of Pakistan website We are just providing information through official public resources.

Maryam Nawaz Office Official Telephone Number

Please note that these numbers are office numbers. Do not use these numbers as the personal number of Honourable CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz. The purpose of sharing this information is only awareness. So that citizens of Punjab can get their basic human rights and can solve their problems.

Why Maryam Nawaz Official Telephone Number is Important

Direct Communication: Having a direct line to a prominent political leader like Maryam Nawaz enables more straightforward and potentially faster communication. This is particularly valuable for stakeholders who may need to discuss policy, press, or other urgent matters directly related to her role and influence.

Transparency and Accessibility: An official number contributes to transparency, making a political leader more accessible to the public. This accessibility is crucial for democratic engagement, allowing constituents to feel more connected to their leaders and more confident in their governance.

Media and Press Inquiries: Journalists and media professionals can use the official telephone number as a direct source for comments, interviews, and clarifications, ensuring that information shared with the public is accurate and verified.

Stakeholder Engagement: Various stakeholders, including political allies, business leaders, and representatives from different sectors, can use this line for coordinating on issues that require her attention or influence, enhancing collaborative efforts and policy-making processes.

Crisis Management: In times of crisis, having direct contact details can be critical. It allows for rapid communication and swift responses to evolving situations, whether they are political, social, or natural disasters.

Feedback and Grievances: For the general public, having access to Maryam Nawaz’s official telephone number means they can share their feedback, complaints, or suggestions directly. This feedback can be crucial for adjusting policies, addressing public grievances, and improving overall governance.

Organizational Coordination: For those within her political party or campaign, this number facilitates better coordination and communication, essential for organizing events, rallies, and other political activities.