Speedo Lahore Route Timings and Stop Details 2024

The transport of a country or city plays a vital role in its economy. Because better transport will facilitate its residents, tourists, businessmen, and all other stakeholders to move from one place to another place.

The public transportation system within the city stands out as a beacon of efficiency. Lahore, the Capital city of Punjab and famous as the city of gardens is thickly populated but it has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. You should also know about Lahore to Islamabad M2 Motorway Status either it is open or closed.

Since last decade Government of the Punjab has improved the public transport system in Lahore. Among the various modes of transport, Speedo Buses offer residents and tourists a reliable and comfortable way to travel within the city and to its adjacent areas as per their needs.

Along with metro Buses and Orange Line, Speedo Buses are working as feeder buses. Headquarter of Speedo Buses Transportation business is in Lahore and offers its customers/ passengers a convenient, reliable and comfortable transportation in a reasonable price.

Air-conditioned and up to date buses are available for different routes within the Lahore city and surrounding areas which satisfy the needs of passengers. For the passengers who are unfamiliar with the city’s routes and destinations can rely on Speedo Buses due to their comprehensive network.

To make it more easily accessible, In this article we will provide you complete routes information and overview of the Speedo Buses in Lahore.

Details of Speedo Buses Route Lahore

A detailed and brief description of Speedo Buses routes in Lahore is a under.

Route No. 1

First Route of the Speedo Buses Lahore is from Railway Station to Bhatti Chowk. Passengers can use this bus to access following areas/ locations starting from Railway station, Ek Moriya, Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Kashmiri Gate, Lari Adda, Texali Chowk and End point is Bhatti Chowk.

Route No. 2

Second Route of the Speedo bus starts from Saman Abad Morr to Bhatti Chowk approaching Corporation chowk, Taj Company, Sanda, Double Sarkan Moon Market, Ganda Naala and then reaches its last destination Bhatti Chowk.

Rout No. 3

Speedo Bus route No. 3 starts from Railway Station and the last destination of the bus is Shahdara lari Adda. It passes through from the Ek Moriya, Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Kashmiri Gate, lari Adda, Azadi Chowk, Timber market, Metro, Niazi Chowk, Shahdara metro Station and then reaches its last destination Shahdara Lari Adda.

Route No. 4

Speedo Bus route No. 4 is from R.A bazar to Chungi Amar Sindhu passing through Nadeem Chowk, Defence Morr, Shareef market, Walton , Qainchi, and Ghazi Chowk. End point of this route is Chungi Amar Sindhu.

Route No. 5

Rout No. 5 of Speedo Bus starts from Sha Bagh Under pass and ends at Bhatti Chowk. Following stations/ locations are easily accessible through this route; Sha Bagh Underpass, Rajput Park, Madina Chowk, Lahy walui pulley, Badami Bagh, Lari Adda Gol Chakkar, Azai Chowk, Taxali Chowk and then finally reaches at its last stop/ destination i.e, Bhatti Chowk Lahore.

For more Speed Bus Lahore routes, see the following list of routes.

Route No.From Stop NameTo Stop Name
Route 1Railway StationBhatti Chowk
Route 2Samanabad MorBhatti Chowk
Route 3Railway StationShahdara Lari Adda
Route 4R.A. BazarChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 5Shad Bagh Underpass Bhatti Chowk
Route 6Babu SabuRaj Garh Chowk
Route 7BagrianChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 8Doctor HospitalCanal
Route 9Railway StationSham Nagar
Route 10Multan ChungiQartaba Chowk
Route 11 Babu SabuMain Market Gulberg
Route 12R.A Bazar Civil Secretariat
Route 13BagrianKalma Chowk
Route 14R.A BazarChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 15Qartba ChowkBabu Sabu
Route 16Railway Station Bhatti Chowk
Route 17Canal Railway Station
Route 18Bhatti Chowk Shimla Pahari
Route 19Main MarketBhatti Chowk
Route 20Jain MandarChowk Yateem Khana
Route 21Depot ChowkThokar Niaz Baig
Route 22Depot ChowkThokar Niaz Baig
Route 23ValenciaThokar Niaz Baig
Route 24Multan ChungiGhazi Chowk
Route 25R.A BazarRailway Station
Route 26R.A BazarDaroghawala
Route 27BataPur Daroghawala
Route 28Quaid e Azam InterchangeAirport
Route 29Niazi InterchangeSalamat Pura
Route 30Daroghawala Airport
Route 31DaroghawalaLari Adda
Route 32Shimla PahariEk Moriya
Route 33Cooper StoreMughalpura
Route 34SinghpuraMughalpura
Speedo Lahore Routes