Be Careful from Non Custom Products Whatsapp Group

Non custom products whatsapp group are the common groups. But here we are discussing that how these groups are not safe for common people. These groups are frequently sent to whatsapp chat and sim text messages.

First of all we will see that what is the purpose of these groups. The admin of these groups claim that they will give you non custom products in very less price. For example iphone will be given in just 16,000 PKR. The prices of big brands are discounted in these groups.

Non Custom Products Whatsapp Group

Now the next question is that how they can offer such cheap non custom products? These products are never discounted and there is no real inventory on backend. Those admins just ask you to send price through easypaisa and jazzcash. When some sent that price then what happened?

After sending that amount there will be following scenarios which will be faced by senders.

1- Those numbers will be blocked or they will remove you from groups and block your number.

In this case you will not be able to contact and your money will be lost. You will contact Cyber security departments but there is no chance of money return.

2- Custom Officer will call you and order to deposit the custom money

You will get a call from mobile number and there will be a custom officer from government department who will ask you to send the custom amount. If you do not pay that amount you will be arrested for buying non custom products.

I am sharing a real life scene of a person who bought 16,000 PKR worth iphone from non custom products whatsapp group. When he send money, he got a call from custom officer and 48,000 PKR custom money were asked. When he denies then officer said that they will ban CNIC and freeze all accounts and Land etc.

After that when he asked him to call from Office number, those officers called him from an internet number which was UK and they said that now within 5 minutes he will be arrested but nothing happened. These all things are wrong and they just put pressure to get more money from innocent people.

These groups links are usually shared through unknown Pakistani numbers and many people join them in greed and then lost their halal money. You should be aware that in this modern age no one offers you discount of 80% on branded things like iphone etc.

In conclusion we advised you to be careful from these groups. There is no real backend and no officer can ask you to deposit custom money. Those all calls are from single fraud group. So be careful from buying products in greed. You should also be careful from some well known personalities Whatsapp number for Example Maryam Nawaz Sharif Whatsapp Number. These are not authentic.

In case you have sent money to non custom whatsapp group admin and he demands more money then please do not send more money even if they pretend them that they are from custom department. You can call cyber security department to complain about these frauds.

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Non Custom Products Whatsapp Group