NA 59 Elections Result 2024 Malik Roman Ahmad vs Sardar Ghulam Abbas

NA 59 is the National Assembly constituency (Halqa) of Talagang Chakwal. In General Elections 2024 Sardar Ghulam Abbas and Malik Roman Ahmad are contesting for MNA Seat. These elections will held on 8th February 2024.

If we talk about Sardar Ghulam Abbas, he is the well known politician of this area. He was MPA of Punjab for 2 Times and District Nazim of Chakwal in 2002 to 2008. He has been part of PMLQ, PPP, PTI and now he is the candidate of PMLN. His vote bank is good and he can win the elections.

Malik Roman Ahmad is participating in the elections for first time. He was the advisor to CM Punjab in PTI Tenure of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi. He is brother in law of MPA Hafiz Amar Yasir. Hafiz Amar Yasir was MPA and Minister of Minerals in PTI Tenure.

NA 59 Elections Result 2024 Malik Roman Ahmad vs Sardar Ghulam Abbas

The election symbol of Malik Roman Ahmad is Clock. In the urdu it is called گھڑیال Gharial. He is the candidate of PTI but due to ECP decision there is no symbol of BAT. Now if we talk about the work of Malik Roman in Talagang and NA 59 then he has strong CV as Pervez Elahi and Hafiz Amar Yasir done a lot of projects in Talagang and all NA 59 Tehsils. Sardar Abbas symbol is Lion. He is recommended by Maryam Nawaz Sharif for Ticket.

Their main and big achievement is the founding of District Talagang. Although in 2013 Nawaz Sharif promised about the district but later on it was ignored but Pervez Elahi fulfilled this promise.

Now on the other side Sardar Abbas has strong CV due to electable local bodies. His vote bank is personal because he was District Nazim of Chakwal and granted his followers with projects. He will also get the vote of PMLN and there is tough time for Roman Ahmad.

We can not predict about the win due to current political situation but in Talagang city position of Sardar Abbas is down as compared to Roman. People of Talagang think that Abbas is not from Talagang and he will not perform if he wins. On the other hand Roman is resident of Malakwal and he has edge of Talagangian.

Abbas is the resident of Kot Chaudhrian and this area was developed in his Nazim Tenure. But his family member ex MPA Sardar Aftab is not supporting him. Therefore Abbas can face some problems in the elections win.

Ghulam Abbas is also participating in elections 2024 on PP 22 which is Provincial constituency of Talagang Kalar Kahar etc. On PP 22 his competition is with Hakeem Nisar who is candidate of PTI on the symbol of Suit Case. Malik Shehryar Awan ex MPA PMLN is from PP 23 and he is supporting Sardar Abbas in PP 22.

If Abbas promise about the District Talagang position which is pending after Caretaker setup then he can easily get the vote of Talagang city otherwise it will be difficult for him.

If you are from this city then comment about your thoughts about the wining and results of General Elections 2024 in NA 59 Talagang.