Maryam Nawaz Contact Number for Education Department Punjab

Maryam Nawaz is CM Punjab since February 2024. She is working hard for the development of Punjab. She is very concerned about the Education Department. As we all know that Education is must for all boys and girls of Punjab. She is also giving Bikes to Students. Learn more about CM Punjab Bike Scheme.

If you want to contact Maryam Nawaz for the matters of Education Department then you should contact her Education Minister. The name of Education Minister is Rana Sikandar Hayat. He is also very aggressive about the educational issues.

The official contact number of Rana Sikandar Hayat Education Minister is 0332 4514555. We gathered this information from his official facebook page. His official email address is

You can contact Maryam Nawaz for School Education Department matters through her minister. Furthermore if you are not able to contact with Education Minister, You can contact his Assistant and Chairman Education Minister”s Monitoring Cell Punjab Dr Waqas A Khan.

Dr Waqas A Khan is Chairman Education Minister”s Monitoring Cell Punjab and his official Email is His Official Facebook page is The contact number of Dr Waqas is 0300-9119770.

Maryam Nawaz Contact Number for Education Department

CM Punjab Educational Matters for Contact

You can get help from Maryam Nawaz Contact Information for the following matters of Education Department Punjab.

Policy Formulation and Implementation: The Minister of School Education is responsible for developing educational policies and strategies. This includes setting standards for education, developing curricula, and implementing policies designed to improve the quality of education across all schools in Punjab.

Budget Management and Allocation: The minister oversees the budgeting process for education within the province. This involves allocating funds to various educational programs, maintenance and development of school infrastructure, salaries of staff, and ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Regulation and Oversight: Ensuring compliance with educational standards and regulations falls under the minister’s purview. This includes monitoring school performances, conducting inspections, and taking corrective actions where necessary to maintain educational standards.

Teacher Training and Development: A significant part of the role involves enhancing the quality of teaching through robust teacher training programs. The minister ensures that teachers have access to the necessary professional development resources to improve their teaching methods and stay updated with the latest educational practices and technologies.

Student Enrollment and Retention: The minister is tasked with initiatives aimed at increasing school enrollment rates, particularly focusing on reducing the gender gap and ensuring that children from all socioeconomic backgrounds have equal access to education.

Special Education and Inclusion: Developing policies and programs that cater to special education needs and promoting inclusive education are also critical responsibilities. The minister ensures that schools are equipped to provide appropriate education to students with disabilities and other special needs.

Liaison Role: The School Education Minister acts as a liaison between the provincial government and various stakeholders, including teachers’ unions, parents’ associations, and international educational organizations. This role is crucial for gathering support for educational initiatives and reforms.

Crisis Management: In times of crises, such as natural disasters or pandemics, the minister coordinates responses that affect the school system, such as temporary school closures, transitioning to online education, and ensuring continuity of learning.

Innovation and Technology Integration: The minister encourages the integration of technology in education, supporting digital learning platforms, computer literacy programs, and the use of educational technology to enhance learning experiences.