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Comsats University also known as CIIT is the public sector university in Islamabad. It has many campuses in other cities. These campuses are in Lahore, Abbottabad, Wah, Vehari, Attock, and Sahiwal. There is also a virtual campus of comsats.

If we talk about the Comsats Grading system then it is the tough grading criteria. Here it is also worthy to know that HEC has not unique grading system. All universities are independent and get approved their grading system for HEC.

Before discussing we should know some terms. GPA is grade point average which is used in comsats university grading system. Percentage obtained in semester system is converted to GPA and CGPA.

Now we will see that on how much percentage what is the score in GPA. The minimum passing marks in comsats are 50. Below 50 there will be F grade and subject will be considered fail. From 50 to 53 there will be D grade and 1 GPA points will be awarded.

If a student gets 54 to 57 marks he will get D+ grade and 1.3 GPA Points will be counted. C negative grade and 1.66 GPA points are for 58 to 60 Marks. From 61 to 63 it will be counted C Grade and 2 GPA points will be given.

The range of 64 to 67 marks are in C+ Grade with 2.33 GPA points. 68 to 70 marks are in B Negative grade with 2.66 GPA Points. 71 to 74 Marks are in B grade with 3 GPA Points.

Marks of 75 to 79 are in B+ Grade with 3.33 GPA. 80 to 84 are in A Negative with 3.66 GPA Points. Above then 90 there is only one scale upto 100 and it is A grade with 4 GPA Points. The GPA maximum point is 4. If a student gets 90 marks he will be given 4 GPA and if some one gets 94 he will also be given same 4 GPA.

The Grading system of Comsats is little bit different from other universities in Islamabad. Therefore you can see that the GPAs of Comsats Degree holders are less then other university graduates. But this tough system of comsats is good for grooming and quality of education.

The Gold medal is awarded at the 4 GPA in overall degree. To maintain the 4 GPA in all subjects and semesters is nightmare for the students of Comsats. Institute Gold medal is awarded for 3.75+ GPA.

Comsats Grading System 2024 for all Campuses

Comsats Grading System

Important Point: When rounding of a decimal number to the nearest whole number, the tenths digit is
checked whether it is above or below 5. If the tenth digit is equal to or above 5, the number is
rounded up and if the tenths digit is below 5, the number is rounded down. For example, 70.5 or
70.6 shall be rounded off to 71 and 70.4 shall be rounded off to 70.

All students who are seeking admissions in Comsats university are advised to understand the grading system and then go for admission. But the education system of Comsats is high quality and equipped with latest technology. You may also like to know aboue the Latest Technology by Nadra known as 8009 Nadra Marriage.