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National Database and Registration Authority NADRA is providing details of marriages through SMS. Now anyone can check the marriage status of any person through sending sms on 8009. This is the helpline number to check the 1st marriage, 2nd marriage or no marriage status.

8009 Nadra Marriage Check Status Online

Federal Govt of Pakistan department helpline 8009 Nadra Marriage is live now. You can check your family status through this and can verify that there is no stranger in your family record. It is very important for your safety.

For example Mr. Ahmad family has 4 members. Mr Ahmad himself, his wife Ayesha and 2 sons Ali and Azlan. Now Mr. Ahmad is living happy life and then suddenly something happened. When his family check their family record then they find that there is another women which is also mentioned as wife of Mr. Ahmad. It will create many problems for Ahmad’s family.

By this above system of Nadra you can check your family database occasionally with time to time and stay safe from any stranger. It is also very important for females as then can keep an eye on their husbands marriages. If their husband has 2nd wife and that marriage is registered with nadra then it will be shown in the family tree.

Who can check 8009 Nadra 2nd Marriage Record

Now there is a question that who can check this record through 8009 Nadra Marriage. If anyone is allowed then there will be no privacy of record. But Nadra has made an important settings in this check system. The phone number from which you will send the SMS should be same which is entered in your CNIC Record. When you get your cnic registration then nadra has asked mobile number. Now that number is essential to check the 2nd marriage record or family tree.

How to Send SMS to check 8009 Nadra Marriage Status

You will type your CNIC in SMS and then the date of issuance of CNIC and send it to 8009. The cnic should be without dashes. The date of issuance should be like 11-10-2015.

Now the question is that what to do if some stranger is registered in the Family tree. When Nadra reply with the Family Tree data, you have to reply with 1 or 2. If any stranger is entered then you will reply with 1 and nadra staff will contact you. If your data is ok then you will reply with 2.

Why Nadra Marriage Status is important?

It is very important to check your nadra marriage status because if any stranger found in your family tree then your all inheritance can get distributed among those. FRC Family Registration Certificate will show that stranger in your record and Land Record Management and Court will also issued inheritance in property and money. Therefore it is very crucial to check this status and stay updated with time.

Nadra Marriage and Wedding status is also important to check husband and wife status etc. For example some female is going to marry someone then she should verify the previous status of that man through 8009 helpline of Nadra. You may also like to know about the Lahore to Islamabad Motorway Status and Comsats Grading system.